Auld Reekie Tours

While on our trip to Edinburgh, Scotland we stopped at the Auld Reekie Tour to check out the haunted areas of the city.

We decided to take the Terror Tour, which included a tour around town and in Auld Reekie’s Torture Museum, followed by the underground vaults of Edinburgh.

During our walking tour of the city we learned that a four hundred year old building called the Old Tolbooth stood in the city, but was demolished in 1817. This building, in its early state, held the Parliament of Scotland and then became a location for the city courts, chamber council, and prison.  Executions would take place on the property right outside the Old Tolbooth entrance where the Heart of Midlothian now lies. This heart is a stone design within the cobblestone street in Parliament Square and is a place where people can visit the site of these executions. On our tour, it was said that if you spit within the Heart of Midlothian it would bring you good luck.

After the walking tour, we entered Auld Reekie’s Torture Museum to see all the different types of torture devices that were used in Scotland. Our tour guide explained to our group how each of these devices was used on people in gruesome detail.

Once we finished with the museum we were lead through a door into the underground vaults of Edinburgh. Known for housing criminals, homeless, and individuals infected with the plague, these dark vaults were damp and incredibly spooky. One of the vaults holds The Source Coven of the Blue Dragon, which is a Wiccan worship location. Standing outside the vault we could view all the decorations of the Covent hung generously around the entire space. Little concrete gargoyle statues, as shown, hung on each side of the Covent entrance outside the vault.

The other vaults that were located underground could be entered and were not used for worship purposes but did still have an eerie sense to them. A few vaults had things left inside from people who lived down there in recent years. For example, in one of my photos you can see a large red bag in the back of the vault.

The most interesting vault possessed a circle in the middle made out of stones. This vault is well known; for rumor has it the South Bridge Poltergeist is trapped inside the Stone Circle. Guests of the tour are warned of the Stone Circle and what it contains but some visitors are courageous enough to step within the stone boundaries. People who have dared to step within the Stone Circle have been known to have odd and unnatural things happen to them. Unfortunately, with how unbelievably creepy the vaults were, no one in our tour could muster up the courage to step within the circle.  Upon exiting this vault, the tour was over and it was time to head back to our hostel with these ghostly tales to haunt us forever.

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