Haggis Adventure Tour – Edinburgh to Loch Ness

Our next Scottish voyage was a three day Haggis Adventure Tour through Scotland. The tour traveled to Loch Ness and the Isle of Skye along with many eventful stops along the way.

After catching our big yellow bus in Edinburgh we headed north. We quickly learned that the tour guides were both hilarious and well informed of the country’s history – with many interesting tales along the way. The first stop was Dunkeld Cathedral where we were able to visit the grave of The Wolf of Badenoch and take in the beautiful scenery of the river and the sheep farm surrounding it.

We stopped for lunch the first day at the Tipsy Laird restaurant in the area and enjoyed a hardy Scottish cuisine.

After lunch, we headed to Inverness to see the Balnuaran of Clava, which is a prehistoric cemetery that was built centuries ago. It was a pretty incredible location that is also said to be in alignment with the pole stars. Also, the center of the Clavas is said to be the center of heaven. Perhaps it is known as the center of heaven because of several energy vortexes in the area that our guide informed us about. It was a very interesting site that we have never heard of before our Haggis Adventure tour. For something to be that old, it was incredible that people were literally able to touch it and go inside the structures.

Soon after we headed away from the Clava, we arrived at the location were the Battle of Culloden took place along the Scottish Highlands. This is the site where the Jacobites, under the command of Charles Edward Stuart, fought the men commanded by the Duke of Cumberland. Flags represented where each side stood on the large field so visitors can visualize the battle. The blue flags represented the Jacobites and the red flags represented the troops of the Duke of Cumberland. This battle was won by the Duke of Cumberland and was the start of the fall of the Jacobites uprising.

Currently on this location there is a Memorial Cairn, which was erected in 1881 in memory of the lives that were lost in battle. Also on the battlefield, there is a cottage that represents what buildings looked like at the time of the battle.

We left the battlegrounds after learning a great deal about Scottish culture, and headed for Loch Ness.  Our bus gave us a scenic tour of the lakes and the realization of how hard it would be to catch the Loch Ness Monster. During the drive you can see amazing remnants of Scottish castles, herds of majestic Scottish Mountain Cows, and beautiful rolling hills of green.

After a while we stopped at a nice rest stop to take in the scene of the lake and pose with a cement statue of Nessie (aka The Loch Ness Monster). Inside the Loch Ness Clansman rest stop there were tons of Scottish knickknacks like statues of William Wallace and Nessie. I was amazed to see that the bathrooms at this rest stop had Scottish Tartan carpets as well!

Soon after our rest stop we made it to our hostel called Morag’s Lodge. The hostel was located in Fort Augustus and provided a beautiful view of Ben Nevis. Dinner was served to us in the hostel while a band was playing Scottish music in the bar for the Haggis Adventure travelers. This was a beautiful, cozy and clean spot to stay the night. After a dinner and a few drinks, we decided to head to our room for a good night sleep.

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