Clansman Centre Celtic Crafts & Show

On our tour we stopped at the Clansman Centre for a wonderful show depicting 17th century life in the Scottish Highlands. While visiting, we were able to explore a replica of a Scottish family cottage from that time period. We learned that the cottages held large families of sometimes 7 or 8 individuals. These cottages were small, dark and slightly damp and sometimes even the animals would come inside at night to stay warm. It was a crazy to see how these people lived in that time period.

After looking around the cottage, the show host started to explain how the family would eat, sleep and dress. These Scottish Highlanders wore traditional kilts in the 17th century. These kilts are actually a large piece of material that is transformed into a “skirt”.  These were designed to be multifunctional and were used to carry food and even used as blankets. It was a very informative outlook on how these people lived and I would definitely recommend checking it out!

For more information:
Clansman Centre

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