Visiting the Catacombs in Paris

About 6 million people were buried in these catacombs under Paris. Their remains were arranged in various ways along the walls of the old limestone mines.

Not for children, people scared of the dark or people who are claustrophobic! Also, probably not for the handicap, you have to go down a lot of stairs and I do not recall an elevator.

Let me just start by saying I am not one to get claustrophobic at all. After making the long decent down and walking around for an half an hour everything seemed fine. However, 40 minutes into the visit I realized the walls were closing in on me. I started to panic! I ran for the exit, or at least what I thought was the exit! The place was a maze! Thankfully the exit was not too far from where we were.

With that being said, it was pretty cool to see. I have never experienced anything like the Catacombs before and it was nice to do it at least once. Although I will say I am not planning on doing again anytime soon! I like sunshine and prefer not to be surrounded by millions of the dead for longer then a half hour.

Another note, the exit to the Catacombs is not in the same location as the entrance!

For more information:
Catacombs of Paris Prices

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