Paris Bike Tour and Cruise

For our last day in Paris, we went on a Fat Tire Bike Tour and rode on the River Seine for a night cruise.

The Fat Tire Bike Tour consisted of speeding down Parisian streets in a heard of fat tire bikes while cutting off Paris drivers. Yes, we pissed some people off. But it was a blast! I have never been honked at so much in one day! Ha ha! Another plus was we were able to see so much on this tour.

Our Top Deck tour included a picnic for lunch with an epic view of the Eiffel Tower, of course.

At night fall, we headed for our night cruise on the River Seine. It was a new way to see the city. Locals were drinking wine and playing games along the river. I promised myself the next time I was in Paris, I would be doing the same thing!

The night cruise was the perfect way to end our time in Paris! We left early the next morning for our next adventure in the Swiss Alps!

For more information:
Fat Tire Bike Tours
River Seine Night Cruise

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