Skydiving Lauterbrunnen

Decided to go for my first tandem jump while we were in Lauterbrunnen. Probably one of the best places to go skydiving. The views of glaciers, waterfalls, and nature at its best was the perfect backdrop to this adrenaline filled moment! A moment which was not possible without our helicopter. Our helicopter that had no doors. It was supposed to have glass doors, but all the same.

The trip was quick to the top and aside from the the beautiful view, I was very nervous. I knew I had to jump… just jump… and once that was over, there would be no turning back. So I did. I jumped. And boy the free fall was exhilarating! Although it only lasted for a few seconds, the moment was pure weightlessness. Then my skydiving instructor pulled the shoot. Thank goodness our parachute opened! After that it was smooth sailing to the bottom. I posted the pictures, but that can only show a small amount of how truly amazing it was.

I would highly HIGHLY recommend this spot for skydiving to anyone interested. It was simply breathtaking!

For more information:
Skydive XDream Facebook Page

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