Walking Tour of Rome

Our tour guide Tim lead us through Rome’s streets on a walking tour to get us a feel for what Rome had to offer. We were going to be able to explore a bit more the next day, but for now Tim wanted to give us a quick overview. During our tour we stopped at the following:

Spanish Steps
Fountain of Tritone
Fountain of Trevi
National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II
Roman Forum
Arch of Constantine

Rome did not disappoint in the slightest! I felt like I was consistently surrounded by history and beautiful architecture. After we saw the Colosseum and Arch of Constantine we headed back to our hotel for some pool time.

Some tips for Rome:

  • Fountains in Rome, like the one by the Spanish Steps, allow you to fill up your water bottles for free.
  • Some public restrooms charge you to use the facilities so carry extra change just in case.
  • Hot outside? Take a gelato stop whenever necessary!
  • Make sure to pack cloths that cover your shoulders and knees for entrance into the Vatican.

For more information:
Babington’s Tea House
Spanish Steps
Roman Forum

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