Vatican City

I was overjoyed with excitement to see Vatican City for the first time! We took the tour and I finally realized how enormous the city really is. I had recalled people talking about their trips there but never fully grasped the size of the city itself. There is so much gorgeous art and heavenly touches to everything! I will not go in to detail about everything we saw there (cause that would take a while), so here are a few notes about the Vatican I wanted to share with you:

  • You must cover your shoulders and knees to enter Vatican City.
  • Try to stay near your guide. It is so crowded, we could barely hear our guide at times.
  • You cannot take pictures in the Sistine Chapel.
  • There are actual dead popes in glass tombs inside St. Peter’s Basilica. Just FYI.
  • You can purchase items like rosary beads that have been blessed by the pope.
  • Also, I know it’s the Vatican, but beware of pickpockets because it is so crowded.

For more Information:

Vatican Guided Tour

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