Tales of Tirana

Our travels continued to Tirana, Albania for a one night stay. It was mentioned by our tour guide, as we came into the country, that crime in the city was high. So, instead of a walking tour, we rode on a bus tour and stayed far from the city center in a hotel on a hilltop.

During our city tour, a citizen from Albania came aboard our tour bus and showed us around. He explained what it was like to live in the times of communist Albania. Also, he admitted that times are still hard, but the country was slowly getting better.

While driving by the different buildings, you definitely notice that they are very colorful and unique. I did my best to attach the photos that were in focus. It was difficult to take images while the bus was in motion.

Once our bus tour was over, we headed to our hotel.  We were surprised when we walked into our room to see that it was a two bedroom apartment with a kitchen. These accommodations were larger then anything we stayed in so far during our trip of Europe. However, American standards would probably rate this hotel as 3 star.

After we settled in, we headed to the hotel restaurant, ate dinner and headed back to the rooms for the night. It was unfortunate we were told to stay at the hotel, I think it would have been interesting to check out the city a bit more independently.

For more information:
Chateau Linza

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