Negro League Baseball Museum

Mrs. Jessetter and I don’t just travel internationally, but domestically as well. Just this past weekend, Jen and I traveled to Kansas City, MO for a friend’s wedding. As we were first driving through the city to our hotel, I noticed a sign for the Negro League Baseball Museum. I knew immediately that it was something I wanted to do during our free time. I didn’t even know this museum existed let alone that it was in Kansas City! It does seem to be a fitting spot for this museum though as the Kansas City Monarchs were the longest running franchise in the league and arguably one of the most popular teams.

Now Jen and I have visited many museums through our travels and sometimes they can get a bit boring, but once I see a sports museum… Now We’re Talking! I am a huge sports fan, but I admittedly didn’t have much knowledge of the Negro Leagues. I pretty much only knew that it existed, why it existed, a few of the teams, and a couple of players. With that being said, the museum contains a bunch of interesting artifacts, memorabilia, videos, and more. It really does give you a good understanding and historical look at the league. Perhaps the neatest thing in the museum though is a mock-baseball field complete with life-sized bronzed statue Negro League players called the Field of Legends.

While the museum has many interesting things, it does try to cram a whole lot of written info into a small space. Reading everything provided would be quite time-consuming and a bit unrealistic.

If you are passing through Kansas City and have an hour to spare this is definitely a MUST for anyone with an interest in baseball or American History.  On a side note, if you have an extra hour and five bucks then visiting the American Jazz Museum in the same building is probably worth your while. It looked like it would be interesting, but we didn’t have time to check it out.

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