New Kitchen Appliances!

Before new appliances

Before new appliances



Let there be fire!

Let there be fire! Lambeau likes the new stove!

Just got the last appliance to our kitchen delivered yesterday… our stove! And it was an adventure.

For those of you who are thinking to make the switch from an electric stove to gas make sure you not only have a gas line in place, but also have a gas shut off valve in your home or it may cost you extra.

We had an old electric stove and thankfully we were able to sell it hours before our new gas stove was delivered. Perfect timing right? Well, when purchasing our appliances at Home Depot we saw that the gas and electric stove that matched the kitchen set were the same price. So we checked behind our old stove to see a gas line hook up, took a picture and asked the Home Depot appliance department employee if we could easily make the switch. They said yes, “No problem”. We also called customer service and asked them if they could install the new stove when delivered and they said it should not be a problem at all as long as the gas line was there.

Well… delivery men arrived yesterday with our new stove and could not install it because there was no shut off valve for the gas inside the residence. No one mentioned this. Ever. We were then told that we need to have a plumber come out to install it. $150 plumber bill later we have our gas stove installed and we are making banana bread in the oven as we speak. So keep this in mind when you are appliance shopping.

We are thankful to have this upgrade in our house even with all the hoops we jumped through. Tomorrow we are getting an estimate on granite counter tops and we couldn’t be more excited to see our kitchen come together!

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