New Orleans Bound!

New Orleans here we come!

New Orleans here we come! Image courtesy greyerbaby at

We just booked a last minute trip to New Orleans for Mr. Jess’ birthday!  We will be road tripping it out east and we cannot be more excited! My father’s family is from the Big Easy; however, I have only visited once exclusively to see family.  This time Tyler will be there and we’ll make sure to do all the touristy things!

We will be staying at the Renaissance New Orleans Pere Marquette Hotel (4 Stars) for over half off the cost thanks to the wonderful inventors of the Priceline Negotiator! They accepted our bid of $100 a night! 🙂 Plus, with gas prices at their best right now the trip should not be too pricey!

Jessetters Away…

4 thoughts on “New Orleans Bound!

  1. My favorite thing about NOLA is the food:

    You MUST have beignets at Café de Monde!!!

    And an oyster and shrimp po’boy!!

    And bread pudding with whiskey or rum sauce (both are great)

    Tyler might want to try alligator…

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