Planning a Trip

Blue Star Ferry from Bari, Italy to Igoumenitsa, Greece

Blue Star Ferry from Bari, Italy to Igoumenitsa, Greece

I am always looking for the greatest travel deals online. Here are a few sites I go to first when starting to look into taking a trip.

To Fly or Drive?

Before jumping into purchasing a flight right away, perhaps check out the to drive or fly webpage that would tell you whether it would be better to drive instead. The website offers an insight of all the costs involved. For driving the website calculates hotel costs for overnight stays, gas, the type of car you will drive and more. While for flying the website calculates baggage costs, flight costs, rental car costs and more.

BeFrugal to Drive or Fly Calculator

Find a Hotel

Wondering where to find the best deals for hotels in the area you would like to visit. Well may be the right site for you. This website not only shows you the hotels in the area while you compare, but it also gives you the review of the hotel right on the page along with the price. You can see all the information on the different hotels quickly and easily. You could also easily find apartments, houses, rooms, hostels, and even boats on this website to stay at for your trip if it is not a hotel you are looking for. Also, you can search by amenities and hotel chains.

Another amazing feature on this website is the ability to click on different hotspots to view on the map. If you are looking for restaurants, tourism spots, shopping, nightlife, casinos, and the walk-ability to a location you can easily find that on the site by a click of a button.

This awesome site also has flight searches available.


Find a Flight gives you the ability to search several airlines at once. Saving you time! It gives you the ability to search multiple destinations during your trip, near by airports, and allows you to search the cheapest date by three days before and after your trip. You can even compare prices on other travel sites through Kayak such as Orbitz, Expedia, Priceline, Hotwire, and Travelocity. Travel deals can be found on Kayak as well.


Bing works similar to Kayak, however, this website has an airfare predictor that tells visitors to the site if the price of the airfare is predicted to go up in the future, go down in the future, or stay the same.


These sites are great tools to use for a quick booking. I have also found some great sites that you can subscribe to get great deals sent to you weekly.

Travel Deals

Travel Zoo send out their Top 20 deals once a week to subscribers to show them the latest deals on vacations, hotel, and tickets in their area. You can also go to their site to view the Top 20 deals without being a subscriber at the link below.

Travel Zoo

Groupons has joined with Expedia to offer their subscribers great travel deals known as Groupon Getaways. You can sign up for their weekly emails and receive offers on all sorts of “getaways”.


Great Trip Organizer

After you have booked everything from flights to rental cars, how are you going to keep all this information organized? TripIt is the site for you. This site organizes your your trip for you at the click of a forward button. All you have to do is forward your email confirmations to TripIt and it is ready to go. Your trip information can be accessed from your laptop, smartphone or tablet. You can even set up TripIt to automatically check your email to see if you have any trip plans in the future for convenient confirmation transfer. Plus, you can share your travel plans with friends and family.